Why Do Vampires Fear The Cross?

I was watching this old vampire movie, Brides of Dracula (1965), I think it was. Suddenly I had a thought about crosses, the power of Christ and holy water, and thought that Jesus must be real if it were to have any effect on vampires. I wanted to spread this message, make true believers out of people.

Turns out it’s already been done (don’t you hate it when that happens), and with the same picture too. While I was making it, another picture, exactly like mine, appeared on my computernet. Weird thing is, I captured a still from the movie myself and added text. Mmm… Proof of God? You tell me…

So anyway, I captured another still from the movie to make a different one, so that mine, at least, don’t look so similar. I hope God Shmod is pleased.

The glorious remake.

The glorious remake.

The first version.

The first version.



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