Islam is a Religion of Peace

Everybody knows that Islam is a religion of peace. If you don’t agree, you are an infidel, and should be beheaded for your blasphemy. To show you just how peaceful Islam is, we’ve created a few Islamic memes. We’ll create more and add it here, so be on the lookout. And be on the lookout for a Jihad.

[PS. I’m from Somalia. If you are outraged, storm the Somali embassy]



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One response to “Islam is a Religion of Peace

  1. It’s nice to find a fellow rationalist in the “Islamic World.” Some ignorant people take some of my comments and blogs to be racist, but you are evidence that I have no issues with people from the Middle East (is Somalia considered part of the Middle East? If not, then East Africa), rather I have a problem with an Iron Age myth that encourages violence. Thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

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