If 200 Bigots Have a Tantrum, Does Anyone Care?

Proud bigots I find are the best bigots. The thing about bigotry is that it’s not always detectable; it’s not like bigots step out of the house wearing giant red “B”s on their chests, right? For my money, I’ll take an out-in-the-open bigot over a shadowy bigot any time of the week. So when two hundred far-right conservative Christian politicians and pundits release a letter to the media essentially declaring their steadfast commitment to being bigots, I get a kick out of it, I really do.

Mat Staver and Deacon Keith Fournier are hopping mad about the possibility of losing their ability to inappropriately — and even menacingly — cast judgment on and excommunicate from society any member of the LGBT community they so please. They’re so mad about it in fact they are going to clutch their Bibles and invoke “Natural Moral Law” as they insist society stay tethered to antiquated, unjustified discrimination rather than move forward into a new era of acceptance and love for all, no matter whom they find love with. Staver and Fournier put together a posse of compassion-challenged sociopaths who wrote a letter that basically said “No matter what the Supreme Court rules about gay marriage we will forever and always hate the gays because, you know, “God.” And stuff.”

I honestly don’t know what I find more hilarious. The fact that these two hundred unevolved miscreants have no idea how horrific they all look to anyone with even a whiff of acceptance in their heart, or the fact that they are unironically painting themselves as the modern day segregationists. There’s a big difference between segregationists and homophobic anti-marriage equality believers though. Segregationists at least tried to hide their hatred by saying they considered African-Americans equal, they just wanted everyone to remain separate.

Because you know, “God.” And stuff.

This “Natural Moral Law” argument that anti-equality people like to make — that it’s just not natural to be in a sexual relationship that cannot procreate — is absolutely no different than what segregationists argued in the courts. “Your honor, God just made us this way.” It’s the laziest fucking argument you can make because all you have to do is point to something you can’t prove, can’t be challenged because it can’t be proved, and ultimately trumps everything with its built-in near automatic histrionics and fireworks. As soon you invoke God you’re basically saying that intolerance and hatred are the normative behaviors, not acceptance, compassion and non-judgment. They flip the script on us, and ultimately on themselves. In this twisted version of reality, those of us who want to end the intolerance become the intolerant ones.

It’s like they never matured in their intellect past fifth grade. They’re basically operating from a place where it’s Opposite Day every day. You remember Opposite Day, don’t you? It’s the day when you were in fifth grade where you’d bust your friends chops by saying, “Hey, I like your shirt, Bob!” Bob thanks you for the compliment and you cut him off saying, “Oh, I forgot to say, it’s Opposite Day. Also, you’re very smart and smell great.” That is the same exact mentality of “Actually, God wants us to hate the gays. So when you don’t hate the gays, and hate us instead, you actually hate God. Way to hate God, dick.”

The nice thing about these Neanderthals outing themselves is that they make a very easy example, and when so many of them stand up at once, it exposes just how antiquated their beliefs are. The fight for equality versus oppression is one that’s ingrained in us. I suppose that’s what happens when you start a country based on noble ideals such as “liberty and justice for all” and then forget that whole “for all” part when you actually start doling out the liberties and justice. From the moment the Constitution was signed we were a nation born in vile hypocrisy, enslaving a race and codifying that slavery in our laws.

At the same time we were enslaving people, we were exterminating them too. Millions of natives were driven from their land. They were slaughtered, bamboozled and ultimately herded into small areas of concentration where many remain to this day. The struggle to stretch the quilt of freedom over everyone and not just the ruling elite therefore is nothing new. The people who are so viciously attacking the idea of marriage equality will be judged in the very same way that segregationists were. George Wallace shouting “Segregation now, segregation forever!” has been replaced by Paul Ryan, Trent Franks and Louie Gohmert shouting “traditional marriage now, traditional marriage forever.”

Ultimately, perhaps my age and position on the generational spectrum makes me a bit too myopic, but it’s hard to imagine the bigots and homophobes winning the day; not in the long run at least. Gay marriage is already a thing, it’s already happening in several states, and the tide seems to be moving that way in general. It’s my hope that the Supreme Court does the right thing and rules that sexual orientation is no longer an acceptable basis for discrimination and then all the anti-equality amendments in the states will be nullified, but should they punt and leave it to the states to decide, I can’t help but feel that we’ll still “get there” one day. Maybe we’ll have a situation where blue and purple states do the right thing and red states go the bigotry route, but eventually the light of day will get through even to the darkest corners, and we’ll see real change.

These days it’s hard to remain optimistic about anything. Our supposedly progressive president has been continuing and enhancing the Bush Doctrine in some scary ways. Our environment and climate seem to be fighting back against the damage we’ve done for years in the name of industry and capital. We’re arming and training rebels that also happen to be tied to the same people we spent the better part of a decade, trillions of dollars, and thousands of lives trying to eradicate. Everything seems to be drifting towards “What the fuck?” status and in a hurry.

pride2-606x350Yet, within in a matter of days, perhaps even hours, we might get to witness one of the greatest triumphs of equality in our nation’s history. If the Supreme Court strikes down the Defense of Marriage Act they will be signaling the end of yet another form on institutionalized bigotry that has repressed millions of Americans for far too long. If they strike down California’s Prop 8 the same message is sent, that civil liberties aren’t to be voted on; they’re to be recognized and protected by the government in support of those who cannot secure that equality for themselves alone. The American Experience is like this a lot. It’s as much a mixed bag of emotional struggles for freedom as it is a melting pot of ideas and cultures, but change is coming. It’s not just inevitable, it’s happening.

All of this is why  for one brief moment we should be thanking the Liberty Council and Catholic Online for their homophobia and bigotry, for putting out there in such unambiguous terms — and in doing so making it that much easier to identify who we’re fighting against, and why. Despite what these vile and viciously intolerant people claim, their way is not the natural way. Their way is simply the old way. Their way is the unevolved way. Their way is the antiquated way.

Or, much more simply — their way is the wrong way.

Article sourced from The Political Garbage Chute.


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