Big Bang, Big Musings

As a layman contemplating cosmological questions which are way over my head, I’d like to share my musings with you lot, and get your opinions.

This is directed seperately between creationists and naturalists. If you are a creationist, please proceed directly to section B now.

Section A:
So as I understand, the Big Bang theorises a singularity which expanded, in the process creating both space and time. To therefore pose the question ‘Where did the singularity come from?’ or ‘What caused the Big Bang?’ would be to suppose an environment in which time is neccessary. Cause and Effect are nonsensicle without time.

Now it seems to me that there are two possibilies:
1) Our own time/ space reality is the only one in existance. (in essence, our own universe is the only one which exists). In this case, the singularity had no cause, since time did not exist at all.

2) There are multiple time/space realities (in essence, a multiverse). Events occured within the context of a different time/space reality which caused the generation of our own.

Furthermore, when contimplation the nature of time,  it occurs to me that when people talk about ‘timeless eternal beings’ creating universes etc, it seems to me nonsensical that any action can be performed in an environment which is timeless. How is it possible for any action whatsover to be perfomed in an environment which does not contain the element of time? If not, it follows that any entity which exists outside of time itself should be by definition static and incapable of action.

I will be glad to hear you ideas on these points, and by all means correct any mis-conceptions.Naturalists, please skip sections B and C.

Section B: please refer to section C now.

Section C: to demonstrate the mundane nature of eternity, please refer to section B now .


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